Insurance Litigation

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Insurance Litigation

We have successfully represented insurance clients across the spectrum of the industry. We help our clients with their insurance disputes and work with major insurers in protecting their insureds and our clients’ interests when sued. We handle insurance coverage litigation involving manuscript and form policies in numerous areas, including D&O, P&C, CGL, excess and umbrella, and professional malpractice. We also provide coverage opinions for insurers and insureds.

Our insurance litigation attorneys have extensive experience working with clients on complex policy matters and complicated claims. We examine policies and advise insurance carriers whether an insured has coverage in a particular case. We also investigate and defend claims that insurers have inadequately paid a claim, engaged in wrongful delay of payment, or denied payment of claims.

Life, Health and Disability Insurance Claims

We assist clients in analyzing life, health and disability claim determinations, counsel them on appropriate file handling procedures, and, if necessary, defend litigation brought by claimants against insurers in these insurance cases.

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Bad Faith Claims

We regularly defend insurance companies against bad faith claims. We have significant experience examining and presenting insurance company policies and procedures that protect claimants from wrongful denial and prevent bad faith denials by individual claims adjusters. A bad faith claim can result in considerable punitive damages. If your company is facing bad faith insurance litigation, contact us. Our experienced bad faith insurance lawyers will go to work right away to protect you and your company.

Property Insurance Claims

We defend clients in litigation involving all types of property claims – individual homeowner claims, NFIP claims, and commercial claims, including homeowner and business property fires, suspected arson cases, business theft claims, and commercial general liability coverage. We assist clients in determining coverage, asserting defenses, and locating sources of indemnity or contribution.

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Auto Insurance Claims

Our attorneys are fully apprised of the latest developments in Texas insurance and traffic laws. We work with our clients during the claims process, and we defend clients in litigation involving all types of motor vehicle accidents, including car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, bicycle, pedestrian, and SUV rollovers. This includes defense of third-party liability claims and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage claims.

Retail and Restaurant Liability

We represent businesses being sued for premises liability; negligence actions; food-borne illnesses; false arrest; malicious prosecution; negligence security; assault; defamation; discrimination actions; product liability; dram shop/liquor liability; wrongful death.

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Premises Liability: Businesses

We defend homeowners; retailers; hotels; restaurants; general contractors; developers; grocery stores; malls; and other property owners.

Personal Injury, Products and Toxic Torts

The firm has experience in defending personal injury claims based upon negligence and product liability, and represents companies involved in manufacturing, construction, contracting, services, and numerous other areas.

Adjuster Training

KLG is certified to provide adjuster training in the State of Texas. We have a catalog of courses available to all of our clients. The attorneys regularly travel to adjusters to provide onsite training to fit the clients’ needs.

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